Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Here's the fifth record in this month's blog theme - "records I've tried my damndest to get some info on, but failed miserably".

Gary Allen (not to be confused with the current country singer Gary Allan) made this one for the ultra-obscure Saundra Lee label sometime in the mid-60s. That's all I've got on this one. Good song, though, if you like country (and I do).

Anybody know anything about this mystery disk? Gary Allen, if you're out there, you made one hell of a record!

Gary Allen - My Baby Walks By Night (Saundra Lee 501) -1966

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  1. There was a second release on the label, also by Gary Allen :

    Pretty brown eyes/Dream of yesterday

    Co-writer of the song is Lowell Knipp,a Tucson country singer, who recorded for Dewl Records (a Tucson label).

    Santa Cruz (name of the BMI publisher) is also the name of the river crossing Tucson.

    So, Tucson, Arizona is my best guess for the location of the Saundra Lee label.