Monday, June 6, 2011


I realize that most of my posts are rather long-winded. Sorry. I just can't shut up about records that I like. Besides, over the years I have gathered a LOT of information on my records - might as well write it down somewhere, right?

This month's posts will be a bit different. First of all, I'm going to attempt to post more frequently than roughly once a week. Secondly, this month I'm going to reach out to you, and find out what YOU know, by posting 45s from my collection that I know NOTHING (or next to nothing) about. So the posts will be a bit shorter this month.

First one up - this 45 by a group known as The City Dwellers. It's a "garage" 45, nothing special (you definitely won't be trading your original 13th Floor Elevators LPs to get a copy of this), but it is rare. Only copy I've ever seen, at any rate. None of my reference books mention it. I've posted it on "garage rock" forums, with not a single reply. I doubt even Mike Markesich knows it (and he is the foremost authority on garage punk singles, bar none). I can't even remember where I got the damn record. Only thing I can tell you about this one is that, judging by the label (and the fonts used on it), the record is out of New York City and was pressed and released in either 1965 or 1966. Like most garage singles, the intended A-side ("He Don't Love You") is pretty lame, but the flip side is pretty good, so here it is.

If anyone knows ANYTHING about this record, I'd definitely appreciate a shout-out in the comments section.

The City Dwellers - Your Turn To Cry (3-J 305) - c. 1965-66

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