Thursday, June 16, 2011


Continuing this month's series of "records I don't know jack about", I submit Exhibit #3 - The Boys on the Lil-Tee label. The writing credit of Belford Hendricks and Clyde Otis (who wrote a LOT of stuff for Brook Benton) tells me that this was probably a New York record, probably early 1960s, but besides that I know nothing - this is the only record I've ever seen on the Lil-Tee label, and it certainly didn't chart anywhere. Which is too bad - this is a pretty rockin' instrumental featuring bongos (or congas, like I can tell the difference). I only included Part One of the record because Part Two is EXACTLY the same - only eight seconds longer. Any info at all (year of release, who the group was, etc.) would be much appreciated.

The Boys - Shake It Up (Part 1) (Lil-Tee 1003) - c. 1961-62

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