Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Due to crazy work commitments (which almost had me committed), I've been unable to get to my blog for the last few weeks.

So let's kick-start things with a killer garage 45. For years, I thought that this was one of a myriad of records by the Laurie studio group (usually centered around Ernie Maresca), but it turns out that this was a real band, albeit one that recorded under a few names, like The Off Set, The Energy Package, and Little Moose and The Hunters (!!!!).

Like most really good garage/punk 45s on a major label, the tamer of the two sides was picked for the DJs to plug. In this case it was the "socially conscious" tune "Mary And John" (a typical tune about high school sweeties who fall in love, then John goes to the 'Nam, and things get worse from there). But this B-side's a real SNARLER.

Go to the really great Flower Bomb Songs blog for a neat article on group leader Don Sallah and his various groups!

The Boys From New York City - I'm Down Girl (Laurie 3434) - 1968

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