Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Happy 2012!

Let's start the new year with a real dancer! I haven't posted a good soul 45 in a while, so we'll do this one, out of Philadelphia.

The Bronzettes were a Philadelphia group (not to be confused with the George McGregor Bronzettes who recorded for Twilight - they were from Chicago) that were produced by Chubby Checker after his hitmaking days were over. Stress on HITMAKING, not creative. Chubby (and the whole Cameo-Parkway complex) continued to make great, danceable records all through the 1960s, despite the fact that the British Invasion pretty much shut the door on Chubby's chart career after 1964.

Chubby saw it coming, and decided that if those moptops were gonna keep him from having big hits, he'd better give himself some leeway for a career on the other side of the studio glass. So he wrote and produced this record for a local girl group (whom nobody seems to know anything about - not even the super-geeks at Spectropop) and released it in the fall of 1964.

.....and the Bronzettes were never heard from again, leaving us one cool 45 to listen to and wonder about.....

The Bronzettes - Hot Spot (Parkway 929) - 1964


  1. How do you determine what is essentially legal to release into the public domain and what is not? I stumbled across this site while digitizing my deceased father's 45 collection. This really great song was one of the records he owned. I'd love to put some other of his records online on my blog but I have no idea which record is ok to put online and what is not. How do you go about finding out?

    1. Basically, I just post 'em, and if anyone has a problem they can send me a letter asking me to remove it.