Saturday, January 15, 2011


From the sublime to the ridiculous.

I seriously want to thank those of you who have viewed the last couple of posts and left encouraging comments. I really appreciate it! People have been saying how great it is to find all this great heretofore unknown music. Well, it's not just about great music with me. Sometimes I buy records based on.....well.....the fact that they're terrible, or just plain strange. Records that make me think, "how the heck did THIS get released?", or, "did they really expect this to get airplay?". This is one of them - "Melvin" by Bobbi and The Beaus.

I'll be the first to admit I don't know anything about this record. I bought it for two reasons - I collect anything on the Unart label (sort of an offshoot label of the newly-formed [1958] United Artists Records; the label only lasted until late 1959, so I'm trying to get every release on the label), and both sides of this 45 were written by Jerry Goldstein and Bob Feldman, who would later team up with Richard Gottehrer and form FGG Productions, which created great records by The Angels ("My Boyfriend's Back"), The McCoys ("Hang On Sloopy") and their own group, The Strangeloves ("I Want Candy"). Goldstein would later work with the group War, creating Far Out Productions to lease their recordings to United Artists.

Pretty hip producers, eh? Well, this record goes to show that everybody has to start somewhere, and everyone needs a place to be bad. This record is, well, strange. It's about a kid named Melvin who is constantly bossed around by his shrewish mother - she's always on his case to do his homework, take a bath, do his chores, and give her the money he earns from his part-time job. The best part is when Melvin screams out in frustration, "that woman gets me SO EXCITED!!!!" Kinda weird to say that about your mother, but we'll let it go. Finally, Melvin calls his dad to get involved when Mom picks up a shoe to beat Melvin. Poor Dad ends up getting bashed in the head for his troubles, and the record ends. Seriously, that's it. Dr. Phil would have a field day with this family.

I'll bet that Feldman and Goldstein are The Beaus, but I've never been able to identify the female voice (Bobbi) on this record. I'll bet just as much that Feldman and Goldstein left this record off their individual resumes. Still, this is an "historical" document in recorded sound. At least I think, anyway.

Bobbi and The Beaus - Melvin (Unart 2009) - 1959


  1. I remember this record when I was about 5 years old. My older sister and brother would play this. The record had since long been gone. I've been trying to locate it online and recently saw it on eBay and bought it for about $3. The recording of "Melvin" is interesting. Sounds like 2 girls playing Melvin and Mom, but perhaps it's just Bobbi. I'm sure if it did get some air play, it would raise eyebrows and perhaps become a cult classic.

  2. I'm so glad you found it! It always amazes me that, no matter how obscure the record that I post, somebody remembers it, and I'm glad you shared your memories. Thanks for checking out my blog!

  3. Love this song.. Raucous! Was just trying to find it on YouTube then found your great blog...thanks alot!

  4. I really like this one. It actually got some airplay...but only on Pete "Mad Daddy" Myers radio show on WHK in 1959. That's why it is featured on the compilation "Mad Daddy's Maddest Spins" (this is how I came across this tune).

  5. Another boss,bitchin',blast from the past!!!...Thanks again,Senor Sibello!